New Brand + Web Design for One Nine Design Co

Occasionally, clients with already established businesses hire me to design a brand and website refresh. Brand and Website refreshes can be totally necessary at times for a business to continue growing and reaching their ideal client.

In this post, I’m walking you through my process for designing my very own brand and website refresh for One Nine Design Co.

One Nine Design Co Brand | One Nine Design Co

Step 1: Discovery + Inspiration

Now normally when I begin working with any client, I have them fill out a series of design questionnaires and content planners, otherwise known as their “client homework”. I decided that in order to be completely transparent with my clients, I needed to complete the forms, as well. Its so important, as a creative entrepreneur, that you walk yourself through your process, so you can guarantee the best client experience moving forward.

Part of the questionnaire is identifying a list of adjectives they want their brand to convey.

I chose the following:

  • Creative

  • Unique

  • Fun

  • Colorful

  • Clean

Of course, I had a LOT more descriptions in mind, but I think its important to narrow the scope down to a handful, so you have a clear direction before designing anything.

With that in mind, I began curating my mood board, a collection of images, color, and typography. I could refer back to this while designing my logo and other graphic elements.

Here’s what I came up with:

One Nine Design Co Mood Board | One Nine Design Co

I knew from the start that I wanted to keep my previous brand colors, yellow and teal, but I also wanted to add another contrasting color, so I went with a sort of pinkish coral.

I also knew that I wanted to signify both of my kids within my brand because they are my why. The name of my business, “One Nine” already symbolizes my son, Cuinn, as its literally his birthday (January 9th). Adding my daughter in their somewhere was a little more challenging. Her name is Lark, which translates to “songbird”. I knew I didn’t want to include a literal songbird, so I chose the columbine flower (the flower in the center), which can also mean “songbird”, to serve as my primary illustrated mark. I have always loved the idea of florals in branding because to me it symbolizes new beginnings and growth.

The choice of the remaining imagery was largely inspired by what I do, so illustration materials, and a nice design space were key. I also included some typography, not only for the motivational aspect, but also for font and lettering inspiration.

Step 2: Design + Development

Once I finalized my mood board and color palette, I moved onto designing my logo.

I already had all the elements and colors I wanted included, so this was just a matter of finding the best composition.

One Nine Design Co Logo | One Nine Design Co

I’m really happy with the final design, and I think it represents my business so well. It hits all the marks with the illustration, hand lettering, and putting them together in thoughtful design.

After finalizing the logo, I designed the complimentary logo variations, sub marks, and other branding collateral, displayed on the style guide above.

One Nine Design Co Brand Marks | One Nine Design Co

I actually had a really hard time narrowing down my sub marks and logo variations, so I ended up keeping most of them. Its not the easiest designing for yourself, especially when you know and like all the things. How many marks is too many marks?!

I also designed some graphic elements for my website and other collateral, including custom branded patterns, illustrations, and hand lettering.


Step 3: Implement + Grow

After finalizing the brand, it was time to take it online with a full Squarespace website design!


It was important for my home page to feature my tagline front and center, so viewers would know immediately what my website is about. I also wanted to feature a branded pattern across the banner of my pages. I’m very pleased with how the whole site came together; its easy to navigate, a great reflection of my brand, and represents the hard work I put into all of my projects.

I’m so happy with how my brand and website refresh came out!

What do you think of One Nine Design Co’s new look?