Brand + Web Design for Shauna Mooney

One cool thing about my job is getting to work with other creatives.

Its actually one of my favorite parts of this biz.

Shauna Mooney first approached me in March of 2017 to assist her with branding and web design for her lifestyle + travel blog, focused on exploring cool places, eating good food (and cocktails!), feeling pretty, having fun, and sprinkling pixie dust on everything…she’s a Disney World fanatic! She also refers to herself as a “stuntwife” because she’s like a housewife, but she is never home since her husband is literally a stuntman! How freaking cool is that?!

And when she mentioned that she was SCAD alumni, I just knew we had to work together!

Shauna Mooney Brand | One Nine Design Co

Shauna Mooney Brand | One Nine Design Co


I really love how the final brand came out, and Shauna was so much fun to work with!

Here’s a look at the step-by-step process for the Shauna Mooney brand and web design:

Step 1: Discovery + Inspiration

Before I begin designing anything, I send my clients a series of questionnaires depending on the project. I ask them to fill out their “client homework” to understand their vision and help the design process run smoothly.

Part of the questionnaire is identifying a list of adjectives they want their brand to convey.

Shauna chose the following:

  • Useful

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Whimsical

  • Preppy/Classic

  • Fun

She also emphasized that she wanted something unique, not trendy.

With a clear direction in mind, I began curating her mood board, a collection of images, color, and typography. I could refer back to this while designing her logo and other graphic elements.

Here’s what I came up with for Shauna:

Shauna Mooney Mood Board | One Nine Design Co

Color is very important for her and her brand. Shauna actually has the most rad purple pixie cut! She knew she wanted to incorporate purple and pink because those are colors she gravitates towards for her own personal style. With her blog having a focus on travel, she wanted a couple colors to reference nature, blue for the sky, and green for vegetation.

The choice of images and typography was largely inspired by her own personal style and personality, which is totally relevant for a lifestyle blog.

Step 2: Design + Development

Once the mood board was finalized and approved, I moved onto designing her logo.

Shauna actually came to me with her logo almost completely realized. All I needed to do was vectorize it, clean up some areas, and alter some of the lettering to her liking.

Shauna Mooney Logo | One Nine Design Co

I love how clever her logo is, with the moon shape playing off her last name. And the color of her logo plays off the night sky. She had a great concept from the get-go!

After finalizing the logo, I designed the complimentary logo variations, sub marks, and other branding collateral, displayed on her style guide above.

Step 3: Implement + Grow

After delivering her finalized brand, it was time to take it online with a full Squarespace website design! (Fun Fact: Shauna was my first ever web design client!)

Shauna was very precise on how she wanted her website to look and work. We merged her colorful and whimsical brand aesthetic with a practical, down to earth, approachable, and accessible atmosphere in the final web design.

Shauna Mooney Web Design | One Nine Design Co

I’m so in love with Shauna’s finalized brand and web design, and she was so much fun to work with! I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

What do you think about the new brand and website for Shauna Mooney?